The Guru of Jugaad – What the West can learn from Indian Healthcare


Several of my expat patients are extremely impressed with the private healthcare system of India. They have never experienced anything like it back home! They rave about the efficiency, the cost, and the availability of quality care. Where else would you find a doctor consulting you in the comfort of your home for about the same fee you gotta shell out for a clinic visit back home? They want to know how we’re able to create such a super-efficient system that rivals the developed world in quality!

Here are some of my thoughts, based on my experiences working in India and the US, and my interactions with patients and doctors from around the world.. Continue reading The Guru of Jugaad – What the West can learn from Indian Healthcare

Introduction to Family Physician Acceleration Program

Ross Clinics and FamPhy present:

Family Physician Acceleration Program

A 2 year Certificate program to help Family Physicians setup and succeed in their own Family Practice Clinic

What if you could have a life you’ve always dreamed of?

– Love and respect of patients

– Excellent working environment

– Opportunity for Continuous Learning and Self-Growth

– A Financially Satisfying Career

– Making a Difference in the world, every day

Yes! It is all possible as an independent Family Physician running your own Clinic!

The Family Physician Acceleration Program aims to help a doctor to start his/her practice by equipping him/her with all the essential skills needed to succeed in private practice. Through close mentorship and support in clinical, communication and business dimensions, we are going to help doctors start their clinics, and become self-sustaining very fast, while maintaining the highest standards of quality care and business ethics!

This program fills an essential gap in the current medical training – we turn Doctors into Value-Based Entrepreneurs!

Applications for 2019-20 Session now open!

Application Deadline: Saturday Nov 10th, 2018

Online Application:

Not sure what to expect in the program? Join us for an interactive session on Sunday Nov 4th, 2018, 3-4 pm, “Value-Based Entrepreneurship – Learning and Earning in Private Family Practice”. Dr Devashish Saini, Founder of Ross Clinics, and Dr Soumik Kalita, Founder of FamPhy will talk about their journeys as successful Private Family Physicians, and answer any questions about the program. Register for this free session here:…

Got more queries?

– See the prospectus here (pdf):

– Go through our websites and

– Feel free to come meet us in our practices in Gurgaon

– Call or message us at 9990505859 and 9871455291

– Email us at and

We strongly believe that with due mentorship and support, young independent Family Physicians can and will be the catalyst for change in their respective communities, and transform India’s healthcare scenario.

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world!