😎 I lost 8 kgs in the last 1 year! 🙌

🖐🏼 These were the five main strategies that worked for me, I feel:

  • 🌚 No night snacking. I have always had dinner around 6:30 pm, so I was usually very hungry around 10:30 pm, and used to munch on snacks. I stopped that cold turkey one day, and now I’m effectively on intermittent fasting of 14 hours. It was difficult initially, but now the body’s almost averse to having anything at night. ⏱️
  • 🥛 Adding protein to every meal/snack: Our usual diet is very deficient in protein, so I add different kinds of protein to the dishes made: Soya nuggets, sprouts, egg, nuts, seeds, boondi, bhujiya, etc. Evening snack is exclusively proteinaceous. Dahi/milk with every meal. 🥚🥜
  • 🫕 Self cooking with minimal oil, ghee, sugar and salt. Morning breakfast I make myself with different variations of chana atta, egg, dahi/milk, oats, fruits and vegetables. Make it tasty with liberal use of spices and herbs. 🌿🍃
  • 🍉 Intake of fruits, salad and vegetables has also increased significantly. 2-3 servings with every meal, lots of variety. 🥒🍅🍎🍌
  • 🍿 Limiting outside food to four times a month, and even then trying to order healthier options (e.g. plain tandoori roti rather than butter naan). Home-cooked fried delicacies or sweets also limited to special occasions, once or twice a month. 🫓

🙋🏽‍♂️ Mind you, the weight loss only happened when I combined above diet with moderate-high intensity exercise of 15-20 min, plus walking 10-12k steps/day, plus avoiding prolonged sitting during the day. Oh yeah, also started using stairs going up and down our 11th storey flat.. 🏃🏾‍♂️

📉 When the exercise goes down, e.g. during the 1 month of the 2nd wave, the above diet is at least able to keep the weight steady! 💪🏽

🤩 If you’re enthusiastic after reading this post, my suggestion would be to introduce these changes one by one.. Each of these changes is hard, and the body and the mind demand a return to the previous mode of life via very many direct and indirect means. ↩️

✌🏼 Find your reason for change, plan it, start it, keep at it, and if you fail, get back at it! 🤸🏻‍♂️

😎 The results are worth it! 🙌🏼

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