Where the Doctor’s Mind is without Fear

Doctors’ poem for the 21st-century India:


Where doctors work without fear and their heads are held high;

Where quality treatment is free,
and for all strata of society;

Where healthcare has not been raped into submission,
by a few unscrupulous corporates’ “targets”;

Where care comes out from the depth of genuine concern
and led by the needs of every community;

Where tireless striving towards excellence,
stretches its arms towards perfection of both,
the Government and private healthcare systems;

Where the clear stream of medical reasoning and empathetic care has not lost its way,
into the dreary desert-sands of protocol-based impersonal care;

Where motivation is led forward by thankful patients,
into ever-widening thought and action-

Into that heaven of bliss, my dear God, let my profession and country awake!

  • adapted from Nobel Laureate Shri Rabindranath Tagore’s poem, “Where the mind is without fear”

by Dr Bijayraj R,
Family Physician from Kerala, and
Dr Devashish Saini, from Gurugram

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