MBBS Done, Didn’t Get PG. What Next?

Here’s Some Unsolicited Advice from a Docpreneur..

1. For a fresh MBBS graduate, the best option is to become a Family Physician and start your own clinic. The pendulum is swinging from specialists and corporate hospitals to primary care and small clinics. A lot of doctors started their practices right after MBBS, and are doing phenomenally great!

Please feel free to reach me if you have questions about how to start, investment needed, gathering more skills, etc..

2. Hospital RMO jobs are plenty, and pay a certain minimum salary, but no avenues for growth in the future.

3. An MBA is a good option to change tracks and get into a completely different field, based on the company you get at placement. Masters in Hospital Administration might not get you as lucrative jobs as MBA, but at least you’ll roam familiar corridors. Be aware though, starting salary without prior work experience is going to be low in both cases.

4. If you’re interested in technology, there are several tech startups that are looking for doctors – to help build medical software, to provide teleconsultation, to help other doctors learn, to build educational modules for nurses and paramedics, etc. Learn new skills related to upcoming fields: Big Data, AI, Robotics, etc, either through formal programs or self-education through online resources. Make yourself indispensable to startups and big organisations working in these areas.

5. Which brings me to the second best option, which you could combine with the first option above: start your own business! There are plenty of problems that need docpreneurs to come forward and solve them.. This is very different from Hospital Administration or MBA! Entrepreneurship is all about hustle and jugaad! Think about what issues makes your blood boil, the health problems you’re passionate about, and figure out which one you can solve with the resources you have, and create a sustainable business around it.. A lot of doctors I know have started their own business during or right after MBBS and doing great! Again let me know if you have questions about this option.

6. Research fields are interesting, but there’s a long incubation period if you want to pursue an academic career, needing post graduation in a core science subject, PhD, post doc work, etc.. You could get a research related industry job after PG in a non-clinical subject. E.g. pharmacovigilance after MD Pharmacology.. You could get into public health research and policy after doing a masters or diploma in public health..

7. A lot of doctors enter the administrative services through UPSC every year. These are impactful careers with a lot of power and responsibility. And you have a choice between Public Administration, Foreign Services, Revenue Services, Police, etc.

8. Join the Armed Forces, MSF or any of the NGOs working in remote areas in India. They’re always looking for doctors to come and help them. It’s a humongous learning experience and you learn how to create an impact!

9. There are many other associated fields to pick after MBBS, in which your medical training can be valuable. Law, Informatics, Biodesign, Nutrition, Travel Medicine, etc are blooming fields, which can be entered after formal or informal training.

10. The government still remains a big employer of doctors, offering traditional primary healthcare jobs to MBBS doctors. State Health Services, Railways, ESI, CGHS, ECHS, etc routinely employe lakhs of doctors. Many of these jobs are becoming contractual jobs now, with no prospects of growth. Look out for when they’re hiring for permanent jobs – there’s regular promotion and hikes in these jobs. Similar jobs are offered to doctors by medium and big industries, including hotels.

An MBBS degree opens hundreds of doors, it’s actually a blessing in disguise if you’re not getting a clinical PG. The Universe has bigger plans for you!

Dr Devashish Saini
Family Physician and Founder
Ross Clinics, Gurgaon

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