A Family Physician’s Prayer

Lord, may I never be Confident!
Because in my confidence
I may lose sight of all the various
Subtle signs and symptoms
You have hidden for me
Refuting the clear-cut diagnosis.

Lord may I never be Comfortable!
For in my comfort I can
Forget the feverish feeling,
The tremendous discomfort,
The wordless worry that
Accompanies the smallest of illnesses.

Lord may I never be Rich!
As with money comes the worry
Of earning more and more.
In a consultation there must be
Considerations other than
How much the family can afford.

Lord, may I never be Powerful!
For You have given power to
An understanding nod,
A few sympathetic tears,
A word of friendly counsel..
May these be my weapons!

Lord, may I never be Fearless!
Let me spend sleepless nights
Worrying over each patient,
What I did or didn’t do..
Let me feel the butterflies
Of all potential missed diagnoses..

Lord, may I never be an Expert!
My patients know their bodies best;
Their circumstances, their minds,
And possess the power to heal themselves..
I am but a helper, an assistant, nay
A signpost in their journey to health..

And above all,
Lord, may I never be a Specialist!
Let me never focus on the disease,
Or the organ, operation, or drug.
For each person is whole, and in each,
Let me see the whole universe,
Let me see Your glory, let me see You!

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